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    Two of the three founding directors, Vince Noyce and Giles Collighan, are ex-naval officers and have been running The Rum Club Ltd for the past few years. They have attended distillery courses and visited several distilleries to form their own opinion of what will make a successful operation. Their passion for, and love of, rum has led them to the ultimate position of producing this versatile and fun-loving spirit, right here in the UK, bringing some sunshine to your glass.

    The third member of the team, Dich Oatley, is an alcohol industry professional with a full and complete knowledge of most products on the market, making him very well placed to have helped in developing the sophisticated recipes which go into the spirits produced at the Portsmouth Distillery, especially the complexity and sophisticated blend of botanicals to produce the distillery’s gin.

    After deciding to open a distillery the first job was to find suitable premises. It was felt that it had to show and feel the history of Portsmouth and the strong naval connections for both the founders and the city. With the help of Portsmouth City Council and Historic England, Fort Cumberland was suggested; and the match was made – the rest, as they say, is history, and what a history.

    The Portsmouth Distillery Company is located in perhaps the most impressive piece of eighteenth-century military architecture in England.

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