1968 Rum



This is our reason for being, our Rum. After many years of drinking rums from all over the world, and more recently selling rum through The Rum Club, we have built up a very keen understanding of what makes a good rum. 1968 is the product of all this investment. It is a deliberate mix of several different types and styles of rum, taken and used because they are how our favourite rums are made around the world. This is not your usual pot stilled Molasses rum, we are using fine cane from Central America to produce a sweet, flavoursome rum. It has a rich bouquet of ripe bananas and delicious dried fruit. It is smooth enough to drink just on ice, but has enough floral content to make a fabulous T-Punch or rock a Mojito.   What could be more fitting for the home of the Royal Navy, where rum was once issued to sailors as part of their daily rations, than for rum to be distilled at the Portsmouth Distillery?

Although delicious to drink right now, this rum will age incredibly well, and we aim to do just that, using the old gunpowder magazines here in Fort Cumberland.


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